Cookies are text-based data files that are stored on your computer and are used to give you access to various functions and services on a website. This information makes it possible to store the visitors' choices on the website, which as which language has been selected.

On this page, you can choose whether you want to accept all cookies, or only those that are necessary for the website to work.

System cookie (first-party cookie)

When you use our system, a PHPSESSID cookie is created which is a necessary cookie (Strictly necessary cookies) and is required for the following basic functions to work:
System language selection
- The application process
- Your selected cookie preferences
- Form management that prevents CSRF attacks

Google analytics (third-party cookies) - Temporarily disabled

We use Google analytics to collect statistics and to improve the user experience. These cookies save, among other things, information about which pages on the Varbi website your browser has displayed, which browser has been used, and how many active visitors we have on the page right now.

AddThis (third-party cookies)

We use the AddThis service, which is part of Oracle, to offer share-links from the advert. AddThis collects data about how many shares of an advert we have and on which channels an advert has been shared.